Every UK Number 1: The 50s out now on paperback!

I’m thrilled to announce my first book is now available on paperback! Every UK Number 1: The 50s is £10.99 via this link. At over 350 pages, it’s packed full of facts and opinions on all the number one singles from the start of the chart in 1952 to 1959, plus a look at the social history of that time. If you buy, please consider leaving a (hopefully positive) review! The Kindle version is also available via the link, at £3.99.

The UK singles chart is the soundtrack to our lives and a barometer of the nation’s mood and tastes. And ever since 1952, the battle for the number one spot has had us all talking as well as dancing. In this fascinating spin-off from everyuknumber1.com, as seen in the Daily Mirror, music journalist Rob Barker comprehensively reviews all the best-sellers of the 50s, delving into the wild lives of the artists and the real stories and secrets behind the hits. He also counts down the influential events that shaped them, as we moved from rations to never having it so good.

Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Cliff Richard were among those who transformed the lives of young people throughout Britain, and taught a country battered by war how to have fun again.

Find out which chart-topper was written by an illiterate rapist who formed his own prison band. Learn about the strange early days of the charts, which led to the number one spot being held by two acts at the same time, with different versions of the same banned song. Who was the first woman to top the charts? And which hitmaker lives on as Cockney rhyming slang?

Every UK Number 1: The 50s has all the answers on the decade in which pop took its first steps, before rock’n’roll shouldered in and left the baby boomers all shook up.

4 thoughts on “Every UK Number 1: The 50s out now on paperback!

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